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April, 11-27, 2020


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Texts by Morena De Pierro


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Flapping wings gathers 10 painters, both Italian and International, for the first exclusive online exhibition of PUNTO SULL’ARTE. In such a difficult time, as the one we are facing now, freedom and the chance to move have become core themes, and the animals that best embody this feeling of lightness are birds. Their song wakes us up every morning and accompanies us throughout the day, reminding us that spring has begun and that nature, with its power, has the strength to bloom again, stronger than ever, after every winter.
In his urban landscapes, famous paintings or noble rooms, Angelo Accardi inserts some ostriches, insignificant and curious animals, distinctive characteristic of his painting that produce short circuits as they twist situations that are familiar to us and force us to reconsider what we thought about reality.
With intense colours and stylized images, Dario Brevi‘s works transform nature into a rhythmic dualism of fullness and emptiness, where a studied combination of chromatic thickening with a curvilinear line prevails, carved and modelled within his chosen material, MDF covered with bright varnishes.
Birds are also great observers and Massimo Caccia, with his cartoon-like lines, represents them with full colours, clear images where the observer becomes the subject observed. Reminding us that even when we think we are alone, even in the deepest night, an owl is there to observe us.
The figures that animate Anna Caruso‘s works allude to disappeared realities, time is relaxed, prolonged but at the same time blocked in complex play on perspectives that make it difficult to canonically define her artistic expression and recognize the images themselves.
The spirit guide materializes in the works by Claudia Giraudo in the form of an animal that leads its children in the knowledge of themselves and accompanies them during their growth. Even during difficult moments, our spirit guide motivates us, protects us, offers comfort and shows us the beauty that we emanate.
A whirlwind of feathers envelops a graceful female figure that is gently rising tiptoe from the ground. With its characteristic line, clean and clear, Federico Infante recreates the atmosphere, that moment in which the movement is taking place and it feels like the wind is almost caressing our face.
Sabrina Milazzo talks about childhood through masterful paintings in which she represents Walt Disney characters. Scrooge, Donald Duck and Huey slowly melt and, with them, also our dreams vanish, giving us the awareness of the illusions that these puppets bring with them.
Known for his sculptures, Johannes Nielsen has created a series of monotypes in which, despite their slender body, large wings of a bird cover the entire surface, managing to infuse the same lightness and the same minimalism that is typical of his human bodies that we are used to seeing.
In his canvases characterized by warm and reassuring nuances, Davide Puma represents an Eden that infuses peace and calm. The intensity of his subjects and his personal pictorial texture become the essential elements of his paintings that are able to create evocative and heavenly atmospheres.
Joyful and bright like the nuances he uses, Brian Keith Stephens’ animals stand out against backdrops that allow our imagination to recreate places hidden in our memories. Thus, past, present and future merge in a single moment.
Birds have become part of the history and traditions of Eastern and Western countries. They embody the freedom of soul, they represent ideals and often, for this reason, they have been venerated as divinities or respected with awe. But after all, who has never dreamed about of flying?



Angelo Accardi, Dario Brevi, Massimo Caccia, Private: Anna Caruso, Claudia Giraudo, Federico Infante, Sabrina Milazzo, Johannes Nielsen, Davide Puma, Brian Keith Stephens