Sapri, 1964

Urban landscapes fixed as if the artist were using a hidden camera and which – screened through particular pictorial interpretations – become the expression of an interesting and complex personality. The art by Angelo Accardi describes, investigates and feeds itself with the styles and pressures of contemporary living. Within his works, the symbol turns into the key to hidden reality. Through a mild and disturbing ambiguity, a dualism between appearance and meaning, Accardi leads us inside pieces of art where everything moves: from the vague outlines of any detail, to the trails of light representing speed, to the evident and nervous drawing gestural.

Angelo Accardi was born in Sapri, near Salerno, in 1964. After a brief experience at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, at the beginning of the 90's he opened his own studio in Sapri, starting a research upon a kind of figuration characterized by social background. He participated into many personal and group exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. He works and lives in Sapri.