Sanremo, 1971

His vision of the world, nature, and the reflection of the place of the man within the fabric of the universe strongly permeates his work developing a powerful narrative that weaves a thread throughout his artistic production. While constantly moving and shifting his focus to research and portray very diverse subjects – such as animals, people, religious figures, mythological creatures, surrealistic visions of metamorphosis – his work is always immediately recognisable for the intensity of his subjects, for the vibration of his poetic language, for his distinctive textures, for the delicate colour palette, for the skilful mastery in the use of spatula and brushwork. All these elements combining to ultimately describe a striking, and very unique, human and artistic vision.

Davide Puma was born in Sanremo (Imperia) in 1971. In the last years, he had solo exhibitions internationally and he participated in art fairs in Europe and the US. Since 2013, his work is included in the permanent collection of the MACS Museum (Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily). In 2014 he painted Saint Tommaso Reggio for the Cathedral of Ventimiglia, where it is permanently exhibited. In 2015 the Italian Cultural Institute in Kyoto invited him to participate at the DIM Festival, as the representative artist of Italian figurative art. He currently works with art galleries in Italy, France (Paris), the UK (London), Switzerland (Genève) and Japan (Kyoto). He lives and works in Italy.