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WSIMAG | Sofia Macchi | Interview

Sofia Macchi: a contemporary art lover

Article of Giovanna Lacedra

Per voce creativa is a series of interviews with women in the contemporary Italian art scene. Giovanna Lacedra meets Sofia Macchi, (Karlstad, Sweden 1968).

For the first time in this column generally reserved to artists, I have the honour of hosting a gallery owner, or rather, a woman from the art market: Sofia Macchi, owner of Punto sull’Arte Art Gallery in Varese, who will tell us how her passion-profession was born and what it means today to manage and grow a contemporary art gallery in Italy.

Sofia, who has always been an art lover, immersed in this experience in 2011. She founded a gallery destined for success, strongly based on figuration and dedicated to the promotion of Italian artists, young or established, but always looking outside the borders, and thus including, among the gallery artists, also names of international renown. Punto sull’Arte Art Gallery has been growing, from an exhibition to another. Relations with Italian and foreign art collectors increase and strengthen. From one year to another the participation in national and international art fairs increases and the name of the gallery has become more and more well-known, so much that the gallery has enlarged its first headquarter – today it is on two floors with a large permanent selection of artists, as well as a well-organized schedule for exhibitions – and it has just opened a second headquarter in the historic center of the city.

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Published on 23/03/2021