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InCorpore(o) | Davide Balossi | Paul Kaminski | Alberto Magnani

A triple solo exhibition which can be read as a long trip around mankind. Three different artists with distinct languages and personalities -apparently antithetical- become the three telling voices of the same fascinating story. Since man is definitely a tridimensional figure, it is flesh and bones. However, there is more. He is also formed by the volatile and fleeting products of his mind, made up of his own associations of ideas, personal yet codified within a language of symbols and references which, from Freud on, has become universal and globally accepted. Man is also constituted by what he touches, by what he modifies through his touch, which identifies and defines his nature. Artist: Davide Balossi, Paul Kaminski and Alberto Magnani

Published on 10/05/2013

Tag: ALBERTO MAGNANI, Davide Balossi, Paul Kaminski