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Ultrareale. Cinque visioni che superano il sensibile, in mostra a Varese

Article by Michela Ongaretti

Ultrareale. Is it not enough today to say real, or realistic? Not for art capable of restoring to the gaze, and to thought, something that goes beyond the mirror of the sensitive, while describing its matter. Even when we talk about hyperrealism, we do not remember that through disciplinary practice it is possible to reach an inner, unique world, which avoids the need to recognize oneself in a conventionally “contemporary” aesthetic. In Varese, five ultra-figurative declinations enliven a profound investigation, which knows how to bring hidden meanings to the surface.

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Published on 25/05/2022

Tag: Casagrande&Recalcati, DE LUCCHI OTTORINO, NICOLA NANNINI, Roberto Bernardi, VALENTINA CECI