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Ciro Palumbo | Paesaggi Improbabili

Visionary artist, characterised by a painting style anchored in tradition and yet with an exquisitely contemporary breath, Palumbo brings to Varese a cycle that is a synthesis of his career in recent years. Myth, sacredness, play, the tributes to Böcklin’s melancholy suggestions, to De Chirico’s metaphysical painting, to Dalí’s dreamlike imagery and to Magritte’s surreal reality are increasingly intertwined in this last year’s work, a personal evolution based on experiments in pictorial gesture and chromatic choices. Indeed, the composed and polished painting that characterises him has become more and more contaminated over time with gesture, incompletion, dripping, in a perfect harmony between detail and expression, while the colour has freed itself from its original homogeneity, illuminating itself with full and bright colours with a decidedly pop flavour.

Published on 14/12/2021