Milan, 1985

The series "Implants" is centred on the role and dominion of humanity upon the world. Even being the subjects unpleasant and unaesthetic, Art manages to turn the evil created by humankind into something poetic, raising delicate feelings. There are no natural elements or animals, even the clouds seem artificial, as if originated by the implant itself. The coloured biros make Valentina Ceci's subjects evanescent, dusty, thus symbolizing human essence which, even being concrete and tangible, is destined to disappear.

Valentina Ceci was born in Milan in 1985. She graduated with full marks at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. After some experiences as scenographer and illustrator, she focused upon painting and exhibition. In 2013 she was selected to join the "Illustrator Exhibition" of the Bologna Children's Book Fair with the resulting exhibition of her illustrations within four museums in Japan. On the same year, after having won the "Bonatto Minella Price", in front of a jury headed by Vittorio Sgarbi, she held her first personal exposition. She takes part to many group exhibitions as well as painting and illustration contests. She lives and works in Milan.