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RIFLETTERE | Rudy Pulcinelli

For the artist RUDY PULCINELLI therefore, mixing languages ​​means rediscovering a lost unity, reconnecting dialogues that paradoxically seem to have become increasingly complex in a world where we are all close and interconnected. The artist carefully avoids the possibility of a reading, a decryption, of the clusters of letters, the joints, the flourishes, precisely so that the viewer is not distracted by the specifics and begins to look at those piles of forms as the universal that they represent, also feeling – as an individual – a unity which is capable, together with others, of reviving communication between peoples.

From white lacquered iron to Corten steel, from burnt wood to paper, to cement, the materials serve Pulcinelli to reinforce his message. So that, in the installation Risvegli, it is from burnt – and therefore apparently exhausted – wood that the words of rebirth flow; while in the large museum work È un tuo diritto (It is your right) culture is proposed as an indispensable nourishment through letters of cotton paper contained in bowls generally intended for food.

Published on 23/09/2021