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Pino Deodato

Milan, 1950

The starting point for Pino Deodato’s artworks is real life. He takes inspiration from personal experiences or scenes of everyday life to create works of dreamlike dimension, which can be combined with a kind of magical realism. The artist’s research is centred on details, which accompany the viewer on a path between dream and reality, metaphors and allegories, mosaics of stories and narratives, diaries of life and existences. Deodato’s works are a journey into introspection and the most intimate reflection. It is an invitation to conquer the space that each of us has, and must have, in the universe.

Pino Deodato was born in Nao, Vibo Valentia, in 1950. He arrived in Milan in 1969 where he attended the Brera Academy. During the 70’s he came to know to the French artistic environment. In the early 80s he mainly worked with the Galleria Gastaldelli, later exhibiting in many Italian public and private spaces: Il Milione, Cardi, Klerks, Progettoarte ELM (Milan), Cristofori (Bologna), Narciso (Turin), Poleschi (Lucca), Art Events (Benevento), Susanna Orlando (Pietrasanta e Forte dei Marmi), Ambrosino (Miami), Foro Italico (Rome), Museo Paolo Pini, Fondazione Pomodoro (Milan), Contemporary Art Platform (Kuwait City). He lives and works in Milan.