Castellaneta, 1953

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Paintings with unique colours intersect and blend upon the surface of the painting. The trees are the fundamental structure of his works: elements carrying a specific meaning, given by their symbolic aspect which establishes both a strong bond with the earth and a spiritual aspiration, due to the branches which aim toward the sky. Elements realized by almost insubstantial lines, which delimit the pictorial space, electrical ramifications that break the background into fragments, interlace and create corners of truth. The artist’s mission is looking for Beauty and Truth, he starts from woods of Varese for giving the observer an immersion within nature looking forward the truth always being conscious of our mutual solitudes.

He was born in Castellaneta (TA) in 1953. He began painting when he was very young at the age of 16 and he had his first solo exhibition in 1969. His artistic research moves through an independent style both in the technical aspects and in the contents. His artworks are part of important private and public collections in Italy and abroad. He lives and works in Varese.