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WSI-mag | Ernesto Morales

Ernesto Morales. Beyond light
22 May — 12 Jun 2021 at Punto sull’arte in Varese, Italy

The Argentinian artist brings all three of his series together in one itinerary for the first time, series dedicated to Clouds, Urban Landscapes, and Forests.

Each of the themes that Morales deals with is articulated like a narration, canvas after canvas, with the aim of inviting the audience to dwell on metamorphosis, on the evolution of reality, on the passing of time. A kind of constant meditation on the form that makes him similar to the most contemplative artists: Claude Monet in his investigation of Rouen cathedral or Giorgio Morandi in his infinite variations on the theme of still life. The clouds that are silhouetted against the dark background show us their elusive yet tangible nature, the dense and impenetrable forests that reveal secret lights at a distance, the cities vibrant with mists that invite us to explore their infinite perspectives are places of the mind and memory that push us towards a beyond, inside and outside of us.

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Published on 12/06/2021