You're in: EXHIBITIONS | LIFE’S FORM | Jill Höjeberg

Saturday, May 18, 2024,


Via San Martino della Battaglia 6
Varese, Italy


May 18, - June 1, 2024





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LIFE’S FORM | Jill Höjeberg

The elegant marble sculptures of the well-known American sculptor JILL HÖJEBERG arrive in Varese on the occasion of the solo exhibition LIFE’S FORM.

The Artist will be present at the Opening reception on SATURDAY, MAY 18 from 11am to 1 pm at PUNTO SULL’ARTE II (Historical centre) in Via San Martino della Battaglia 6, Varese.  

The Gallery will then remain regularly open from 2 to 5.30 pm. 

LIFE’S FORM is about life in its most ancestral and emotional sense. The artist, Jill Höjeberg, American by birth (Norwalk, Connecticut USA, 1949) and now resident of Sweden, has the extraordinary ability to transform a hard block of marble into a sweet and delicate symphony. Jill’s sculptures are sensations and ideas, they speak of beauty, harmony and the peace we yearn for every day. Höjeberg completely transforms and renews the forms and intentions of the great classical sculptural tradition in a contemporary key, offering the viewer unexpected works. PUNTO SULL’ARTE presents the artist’s masterful work in an intense, harmonious and delicate solo show, a tribute to life and its most emotional side. For the exhibition, Jill Höjeberg has created new sculptures in marble, bronze and alabaster. These are difficult materials to work with but, thanks to Höjeberg’s magical touch, they seem to turn into wax as they appear to be malleable, soft and elastic. The artist has purified his sculptures of all that is superfluous, an aspect in which Nordic design is a master, giving importance only to what is essential. Höjeberg abandons the anthropomorphism of the work and seeks the essentiality of the human being into emotional geometries and movements of material. Her subjects are no longer statuary, distant and impassive but empathic forms, feminine and designed for contact with the viewer. Jill Höjeberg with LIFE’S FORM explores the complexity of the human soul in depth and starts an introspective and all-embracing experience.

JILL HÖJEBERG  was born in Norwalk (Connecticut, USA) in 1949. In 1967 she attendend George Washington University and in 1996 she specialized in sculpture at the Art Students’ League in New York. Driven by a constant research for harmony and beauty, Jill Höjeberg sculpts abstract forms which enclose the essence of femininity. Sinuous and harmonic works, marble and cast-iron sculptures which seize the audience for their flexibility, energy and strength. During the last few years, she has periodically worked in central Italy, in some of the most famous places for marble extraction. She has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions and participated in Art Fairs in Scandinavia and Italy. Her public works can be found in the Stockholm City Arts Council, Sigtuna Municipality, Dalarna Country Council and Borlänge Municipality. She lives and works in Stockholm (Sweden).


Jill Höjeberg