Milan, 1977

The true meaning of Mario Branca's sculpture is his ability of creating perceptual short circuits, perfectly balancing among dream, reality, truth and artificiality. Since the beginning, he focused upon metal work, directly forging his pieces of art. He chooses copper since his father – a blacksmith – taught him its charm, the beauty of its shimmering colours, its delicacy. He is able to gift metal with precious mimetic tricks, chromatic wizardries, which render almost woody and vegetable oxidized green, until one moment before complete illusion

Mario Branca born in Milan in 1977. He graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 2001. He won several awards, such as the Zurich club top 30 and the special mention at the last edition of the Wannabee prize in 2011. He took part in various solo and group exhibitions. His public works can be visited in Settimo Milanese, Vighignolo (Milan), Casalmaiocco (Sondrio), San Donato Milanese, Santa Margherita Ligure, Piacenza, Rho (Milan). He lives and works in Piacenza.