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Giuseppe Veneziano

Mazzarino, 1971

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Giuseppe Veneziano's works are ironic and biting, they investigate the world and society taking inspiration from news, film, history, fiction, politics and art history. By overturning the parameters of reality and of fiction Veneziano creates a short mental circuit in which our time is represented with all its contradictions and banality. The goal that he aims for as an artist is to provoke, in the sense of generating emotions in the observer, any feeling or reaction that is not indifference. His images are easy to recognise and favour direct communication without intermediaries. They are able to stir our consciences thanks to the simple lines of the figures, that derive from his experience as illustrator and cartoonist, and thanks to references to the most famous Renaissance and Baroque works.

Giuseppe Veneziano was born in Mazzarino in 1971. After graduating from Architecture at the University of Palermo he collaborates with architecture studios and at the same time he creates cartoons, illustrations and comics for various newspapers and magazines. At the age of 30 he transfers permanently to Milan to dedicate himself exclusively to painting and to teaching. He begins to exhibit in 2004, participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions, in the most important art fairs and in numerous bienniales, including those of St Petersburg, Prague, and the 54th Venice Bienniale. He is recognised as one of the leading exponents of the "Italian New Pop" and the "Italian Newbrow" group by critics and industry magazines. He lives and works in Milan.