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Géraldine Morin

Phalsbourg, France 1976

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Géraldine Morin was born in Phalsbourg, France, in 1976. Since her childhood, she has shown a great interest in arts, an interest that she later deepened thanks to her studies in Plastic Arts in Strasbourg and the graduation from the Académie Charpentier in Paris. She began her artistic career creating plaster busts, bronze sculptures and paintings, combining the artistic production with works of costume jewelry and objects for children. Currently the artist’s favorite medium is sculpture. Her works, which are exhibited all over the world, recall, in an innovative and contemporary way, the great lessons deriving from Arte Povera and Pop Art: everyday objects that are elevated to works of art. The artist makes this metamorphosis through the reproduction of famous logos – such as Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton – on common objects. Her works, characterized by bright colors and great craftsmanship, are innovative, current and satisfy the viewer's gaze by creating an unexpected connection between art and everyday life. During her career Géraldine Morin has been the protagonist of many solo and group exhibitions and has taken part in prestigious art fairs both in France, her native country, and abroad. She lives and works in the South of France.