Castrignano del Capo, 1958

Soul and matter coexist and mutually enrich into Antonio Pizzolante's works. They are like painted sculptures and carved paintings. He is able to intertwine these techniques, creating a universal language. The relationship with matter is fundamental to evoke the natural bond with Mother Earth. Extremely balanced compositions, which develop into foolproof theorems, explaining also doubts and uncertainties, within a perfect, rhythmical and vital geometrical abstraction.

Born in Castrignano del Capo, near Lecce, in 1958. He graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in his city and, at the end of the eighties, moved to Laveno. He participated into various solo and group exhibitions, in Italy and abroad. In 2012, he took part at the Venice Biennale – Italian Pavilion "L'arte non è cosa nostra", Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Turin. He lives and works in Laveno.