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Sergio Padovani

Modena, 1972

At the centre of Sergio Padovani's works the figure of man stands out: a humanity which at times is surreal and grotesque and at times devastated and harrowed. The visionary nature of his painting (without preparatory sketches and other "planning" of the work) finds, in comparison with contemporary examples, through the symbolism and the importance of details, its most complete narration. His mission is to find his own personal pictorial expression passing through a slow and conscious discovery of himself, blending tradition and innovation through the every day and the transposition of reality. The colours within his works become full bodied, they take on materiality and transcendence at the same time giving the characters in his stories immortal elements, out of all context, place and physical space.

Sergio Padovani was born in Modena in 1972. For several years he was a musician focused on experimentation and research, without restraint or limitations. From 2006 his music underwent an unstoppable process, the final verdict of which has been its total and definitive transmutation into painting. Self taught, in 2011 he was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, regional section of Turin, and in 2016 for the Drawing Biennale in Rimini. During the course of his artistic journey he has won the Premio Arte (2007), the Laguna Art Prize (2009), the Wannabee Prize (2010) and the Yicca Prize (2009). In 2010 he was a finalist for the Celeste Prize and the Combat Prize. His works are present in important collections both in Italy and Europe and permanently at the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in Imola, at the MACS in Catania, at the Michetti Museum (Chieti), at the Estense Gallery in Modena, at the Camo MCA (Cuneo), at the Ruggi d'Aragona Museum (Cosenza) and in the prestigious The Bank Contemporary Art Collection. He lives and works in Modena