Ferrara, 1951

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Ottorino De Lucchi was born in Ferrara in 1951. He graduated in Chemistry (1975) and Pharmacy (1977) at the University of Padua. Throughout his life he has always carried out his artistic activity interposing it with his career of academic chemist, especially during his years abroad or away from his family. During his stay in the United States he could closely observe the works by A.Wyeth, getting excited about the technique and virtuosity of his "dry brush" paintings. Without any further detail, he started a series of experimentations which led to the independent development of an original technique with regards to the execution and the chosen subjects. This technique is based upon watercolour painting, where the relationship pigment-binder is optimal both for the transparency and the vividness and brightness of the colours.

The pictorial weft obtained by using paintbrushes, paper and fabric is particularly fit to describe the surface of still lives, figures and landscapes. The transparencies and glazes, obtained both directly and through careful removals of colour, could not be reached by using other painting techniques. The results regarding contrast and brightness are so relevant that Ottorino De Lucchi has been often invited to describe his technique in various academies and Art Institutes. He lives and works in Padua.