Padova, 1959

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Rooms whose void framed between ancient walls and floors and huge windows is vivid and dense. Filled of distant echoes, forgotten voices, memories and nostalgia, shadows and fogs, a past which denies to be dismissed. Matteo Massagrande is one of the most valued italian figurative painters alive. His rooms are abandoned places enhabited by one and only protagonist: light. A soft, cloudy, dusty and mobile light.

Matteo Massagrande born in Padua in 1959. He started his exhibitions in 1973 taking part in group and solo shows and contests all around Italy and obtaining various rewards from the beginning. Along with his painting activity, he developed the graphic one since 1974, whose results are now part of prestigious art exhibitions. Recently some of his ethcings became part of the Gabinetto delle Stampe of the Uffizi in Florence. He was chosen for more than one hundred solo exhibition in Italy and abroad. His works are exhibited in various museums, churches, private and public collections. He lives in Padua, splitting his activity between his local atelier and the one in Hajos (Hungary).