Turin, 1974

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Claudia Giraudo presents herself to the audience with the ambition of creating an imaginary bridge between the past, through memories, and the present, through characters probably belonging to this world yet positioned within dreamlike space and time. May it be translated into a symbolic gift to the production and creation of the poet or actualized within the circus milieu, particularly within the tightrope walker, what characterizes her whole production is the will of filling life with poetry, thus representing it like a coincidence between imaginary and existential, desire and objects, following all its visionary aspects.

Claudia Giraudo born in Turin in 1974. In 2001 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, then starting her own research within figurative art, focusing upon the works by Renaissance and North European masters; a background which emerges both in her technique and in the choice of the subjects, yet maintaining her own style. She often exhibits her works into Art fairs, private galleries and institutional public locations. Her paintings belong to permanent collections and national and international museums, such as the Harmony Art Foundation in Mumbai (India), the Museo MACIST in Biella, the Museo Eusebio in Alba (CN), the Sala del Consiglio in Bossolasco (CN) and the Museo Civico in Bevagna (PG). She partecipated to the Venice Biennale, Italy Pavillon, in 2011. She lives and works in Turin.